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Place 1 cup cooked rice in a bowl. Have residents stir in 1 cup applesauce, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt, then spoon the pudding into dishes.





Flatten a lump of clay on foil with a rolling pin. Place a leaf on the clay and roll over it. Remove the leaf and let the clay dry. Paint it with tempera if desired.




On several layers of newspaper, hammer the end of a small branch of leaves until slightly crushed. In a jar, mix one part glycerin (from drug store) with two parts water. Place the pounded end of the branch as you would a bouquet into the glycerin mixture for two weeks to preserve the leaves




Set up plastic dishes of various seeds and beans. Draw a design on cardboard, then fill sections with glue. Sprinkle or place seeds on the glued areas.



Take a scenic drive in the woods and look at the fall colors.


Pick your own apples at a local orchard.


Make Halloween Costumes


Enjoy homemade apple cider


Make a scarecrow out of leaves or straw and old clothes.




Go on a fall nature walk and pick up items that have fallen off trees (leaves, twigs, nuts, pinecones, pine needles, etc.). Arrange your findings in a shoebox or create a collage by gluing them to a poster board.



Obtain a leaf shaped cookie cutter and have the residents make leaf cookies. Decorate them with red, orange, yellow and brown frosting.



Can't find any fall leaves? Make your own! Glue different colorful fabrics to both sides of several pieces of heavy paper. Cut leaf shapes from this. Put a string on each leaf. Tie the leaves to a small branch. Hang it where the leaves will flutter in a breeze.


Host an Octoberfest or harvest party



Thank you to Peggy Simpson for submitting the following idea!

I run a day program for the developmentally challenged and we love doing this activity. We have actually adapted it to use on other holidays but my favorite is the fall version.
Fold a piece of construction paper ( a dark color works best) in half and cut  a leaf shape out of the center through both pieces.
Fold a piece of waxed paper in half and have the residents sprinkle several fall colors of grated crayons on the wax paper. Quickly and lightly iron the crayon just to melt it.
If you iron too long, it all blends together and makes brown. Put the wax paper inside the construction paper "frame" and trim it to fit. Glue it shut on all sides and hang in the window. When the sun shines through these, they are beautiful

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