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Indoor Activities
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Here are some examples of indoor activities for you to try in your facility:

BINGO-Always a Classic! Cards with big numbers help those with low vision. Can give small prizes if desired.

POETRY CLUB- This group reads, discusses and/or writes poetry.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH- Helps out with different charity programs in the community. Makes items for children's groups. Collects food or clothing for the needy.


ARTS&CRAFTS-Painting, ceramics, pottery and crafts of all types! Paint by numbers for adults are available at local stores.

HOSPITALITY-Seniors in this circle visit others who may be lonely or just in need of a
friend. Could help with letters, phone calls, etc.

POPULAR BOARD GAMES-Sometimes need to revise these to fit individual's needs: checkers, backgammon, scrabble, dominoes, Wheel of Fortune, Pictionary, Dice & Connect4.

SPELLING BEE- Quiz seniors on random words and then continue to make them more challenging. Small prizes if desired.

TRIVIA-All kinds are great fun. Some ideas may include holidays, Presidents, nursery rhymes or States & Capitols.

EXERCISE-Simple routines that fit the senior's needs.


CARDS-Some favorites include Uno, blackjack, crazy eights, old maid and poker.

INDOOR VOLLEYBALL-Use a simple string for a net and a soft ball. This activity can be done sitting down or standing up.

DRAWING-You may be surprised at some of the talent you discover. Feel free to make this as simple as you want it to be.

RUBBER STAMPING-Make cards or keepsakes.

PICTURE TAKING-Seniors delight in getting dolled up for a photo. Make a big photo

BRAGGING TIME-Have seniors meet to brag about grandchildren, accomplishements, pets, etc.

FAMILY TREE-Stimulate minds by trying to remember family heritage.

CONTESTS-These can be a lot of fun! Be Creative.

GAMES-Bean bag toss, indoor golf, basketball, etc.

CURRENT EVENTS-Read some articles from the paper and discuss with one another. Might also enjoy Ann Landers or Dear Abby columns. Link in with coffee and/or donuts.

FACIALS-Make your own or buy from the store. Enhance with light music and fragranced candles.

NAILS-Help the women paint and file their nails.

DISCUSSION GROUPS/REMINISCING-Get together and talk about the good old days
and tell tales. Can also focus on certain topics if desired.

PIZZA PARTY-Purchase some pizzas to bake at the grocery store or make your own. Can use english muffins to make mini pizzas.

DEMONSTRATION-A skill or talent demonstrated to a senior is often greatly appreciated.

CANDLE MAKING-Can range anywhere from quite simple to very elaborate.

JEWELRY CLEAN-Have a jeweler come in to clean jewelry or do it yourself with simple cleaning products.


BIBLE STUDY/CHURCH SERVICE-Pastors are often willing to perform small services free of charge. Seniors may want to volunteer with these activities or play the piano.

AFTERNOON TEA-Enjoy this fancy treat by providing varieties of tea and homemade

SPORTS GAMES-Gather sports fans together and watch the games on tv. Provide simple
snacks such as chips and pretzels.

PETS-Very therapeutic!

CROSSWORDS/WORD SEARCH-Large prints available. Can be worked on in a group or in a solo setting
JIGSAW PUZZLES-Adult versions available with 100-200 larger pieces.

COMPUTERS-If you have accessibility to one give simple lessons and hands on time.


JOKES&RIDDLES-Seniors seem to enjoy these and may have some to contribute

GARDENING-Indoor activities may include terrariums, rock gardens, herb gardens or the simple care of indoor plants.


MASSAGES-Simple ones are easy to perform and greatly appreciated.

AROMATHERAPY-Kits can be purchased at the store or you can create your own. This
just involves creating different scents in the air that in turn bring on calmness and relaxation.

TRAVEL VIDEOS-Very educational and now there are more interesting ones available.

BEAUTY CLUB-This will give the women a real lift. Help them cleanse their faces and apply some simple makeup if desired.


FLOWER ARRANGING-Can be done with real or artificial flowers.

ICE CREAM SOCIALS-Can even make your own.

BREAD MACHINES-Seniors will enjoy making the many different varieties.

READING GROUP-Read aloud some of the old favorites.

CAKE DECORATING-Just try some simple designs, provide lots of colors and frosting.

SEWING CLUB-For seniors who sew, knit, quilt or crochet. They can work on their
projects together and in turn have someone to visit with. Could also work on simple sewing projects such as teddy bears or potholders. Latchooks are sometimes popular.

COOKING CLUB-Prepare and cook simple recipes and enjoy them when you are done or make gift baskets for friends.

NAME THAT TUNE-Use popular favorites from the senior's era.

MOVIE&POPCORN-Classics seem to be the most popular. Lawrence Welk is a big hit.
Seniors also enjoy helping to make the popcorn with a hot air popper.

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