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Exercise Ideas
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Here are some sample exercise ideas:
Exercise should be approved through physician.

Exercises are very important to staying healthy.
Exercise improves flexibility and range of motion for
bones and joints. Here are some simple ideas that can
be done while sitting in a chair.

1) While sitting straight up in your chair slowly tilt head back and look up at
the ceiling then tilt head down to your chest. Repeat several times.
2) Touch your ear to your left shoulder and then to your right. Repeat ten
3) Shrug your shoulders up to your ears and back down again. Repeat five
4) Turn head and look over left shoulder, then the right shoulder. Repeat five
1) Arm Circles- extend arms sideways, palms down and do small, slow
circles. Repeat ten times.
2) Shoulder Shrugs-Alternate between left and right. Five times each side.
1) Grasping right wrist with left hand slowly rotate right hand making large
complete circles with palms facing down. Clockwise and then
counterclockwise. Five times each hand.
2) Finger Spreading- With arms extended, palms facing down, spread fingers
wide apart and then bring back together again. Ten times.
3) Thumb rotations- Rotate both thumbs forward slowly and then repeat the
process in reverse. Ten times.
4) Finger Stretching- Gently grab your left hand with your right and bend
fingers back and then forward slowly. Five times each hand.
5) Finger Extension- Extend arms forward, Clench fists tightly then extend
fingers. Ten times each hand.
1) Foot Rotations- Cross right leg over left knee and rotate right foot
clockwise slowly making large complete circles. Then rotate foot
counterclockwise. Repeat with left foot. Ten times each.
2) Leg Circles- Extend left leg out in front of you and make large complete
circles. Repeat with right leg. Five times each.
1) While keeping feet together, separate legs at the knees then bring back
together. Ten times.
1) March in place. Start slowly and then pretend as if you were running: go
as fast as you can.
2) Scissor Kicks- Right leg over left and then left over right. Ten times total.
3) Extend arm out to the side with the palm facing up. Extend arm up over
body and back down. Repeat with opposite arm. Five times each.

THANK YOU to Jerry Brown for submitting the following idea:
cut strips of different colored streamers..teach them figure 8's, horizontals, up and down pops, side to side swings,put a routine together, play upbeat music and use routine...can line up and do peel offs.

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