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Sensory Stimulation
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Here are some ideas to promote sensory stimulation


Reminiscing- photo albums, childhood memories




Memory Boxes

Old Radio

Make Lap Quilts

Flower Arranging

Finger Painting

Visits with Children

Name That Tune

Jigsaw Puzzles

Picture Books- make out of 3 ring binders and pictures from magazines. Try different themed books like babies, vacations, animals, etc.

Readings of poetry or other stories

Play cassettes of ocean waves, birds, etc.

Make touch books out of different textures such as cotton, wool, silk, etc.


String popcorn or cheerios for birds


Talking Books



Brush and fix resident's hair

Manicures and hand massages

Building with Wood

Herbal Tea

THANK YOU to Jerry Brown for submitting the following idea: 
I have an electric piano that I take to the rooms of the bed bound patients.  Depending on the age, I play music that I think was popular in their period of growing up.. I play hymns..Sometime I take other wheel chair patients in with me and we all sing songs together.  Remarkable things have happened.  People that never talked, or listened, or responded to other things responded to this.

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