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Special Events
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Some special event ideas for your facility:

THEME DAYS-Decide on a theme and have everyone dress accordingly. Have special
games and decorations. Make the evening meal an extra special affair. Have entertainment come in.

FUND RAISERS/CHARITY EVENTS-Get together with the other staff and decide on a
fund raiser idea and a charity. Be sure to have enough help. Not only are you helping your community but you are also helping to get your facility known in the area.

BRIDAL/BABY SHOWERS-For staff, friends and family. Seniors always enjoy getting
involved, especially when it is someone they know.

INTERNATIONAL DAYS-Focus on a different country each day and then plan your
meals accordingly. Have maps available and make crafts from the different countries. Local travel agencies may provide brochures and interesting information.

SENIOR TALENT SHOW-Put a show together of your seniors in action. Be sure to invite family and friends. Have your camera ready!

CAR SHOW-Have locals bring in different models for your seniors to view.

PLAYS-The staff may want to come together and perform a simple play for the seniors.

OLYMPICS-Create some events and let the competition begin. Could be indoors or out.
Have ribbons on hand for everyone.

PAJAMA PARTY-Seniors can come down to the living room in their pajamas and tell
stories. Play a funny video in the vcr and have plenty of popcorn.

FAMILY DAY-Invite family members to join your seniors in a special day just for them.
Have special meals, a BBQ or picnic.Play some games and spend some quality time
together. May want to provide some simple entertainment.

VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION-Appreciate all those folks who help you out, seniors
included! Provide ice cream, cake and give out certificates to those who help make it all

PAGEANTS-There are no limits to this!

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