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Guest Ideas for your facility:

LOCAL 4-H GROUPS-They may come to do activities or play games or maybe just to visit and have cookies. They can show off their projects, especially at fair time.




FRIENDS/FAMILY MEMBERS-They are a neat resource. They may want to play an
instrument, demonstrate a talent, give a slide show or talk about their career.

STUDENTS-Work on projects together or have them over for a meal.

FIREMEN-Can explain his/her job duties and/or bring a truck to look at.

BABIES-Always a great joy to seniors.

ARTIST/PAINTER-May want to give a demo and/or show some of their work.

HEARING CLINICS-They are often willing to come in to check hearing and clean hearing aids.

POLICEMEN-Can talk about their duties and bring a car by.

SEMINAR SPEAKERS-Many speakers are available on a variety of interesting topics.

HUMANE SOCIETY-They may want to give a pet show.

DANCE STUDIO-Ask them to give a simple performance.


HOBBY CLUBS-Have members give a lecture or demo.

PROFESSORS-You may find some willing to come chat with your group.

CLOTHING FASHION SHOW-A local clothing store could give a show at your building.


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