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Ever wonder what to do with that bulletin board? Here are some ideas:


Border Ideas- wrapping paper, newspaper, greeting cards, wide ribbon, yarn, play money, pages from old books, photographs, puzzle pieces, playing cards, buttons, stickers or jewelry




Post Cards



I'm Thankful For:

Staff Introductions

A Map & Stars for people to put on the map to show where they are from or where they would like to go

Different Countries

What's The Scoop- cut a banana split from construction paper and post in the middle of the board. Cut out ice cream cones and on them write world news, local news, or facility news and post all around the board.

A Star Was Born- write each resident's name and birthday on a yellow star and post on the board.

Step Into A Good Book- cut out shoe shapes from construction paper and ask residents and staff to recommend books and write them on the shoes and paste on board.

Question Of The Week- cover board with blank butcher paper. At the top write a question and let residents and staff write their thoughts on the paper.

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