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Here are some quick ideas for each month of the year:

COLORS-Black & Dark Blue
EVENTS THIS MONTH New Year's Day-Share resolutions with one anothere and discuss the year that has passed and look forward to the new year ahead. Might want to have a special supper for the residents and invite friends and family. Have a party to celebrate with decorations and entertainment. Martin Luther King Jr. Day-Discuss the history of this day or watch a video in your tv area. National Pie Day-Bake or buy pies and have a social.
MONTHLY BIG FUN IDEA-WINTER PICNIC-A winter picnic is a picnic you hold indoors due to the cold weather outside.Get a picnic basket and all of the trimmings. Have chicken, potato salad, chips and juice. Put up some summertime decorations around the building for even more fun. This event can really lift spirits!

COLORS-Light Blue & Yellow
EVENTS THIS MONTH Groundhog Day-Hold a poll to see who thinks the groundhog will see his shadow and who thinks he won't. Post up the results for fun. Valentine's Day-Plan a senior prom. Have some entertainment come in that plays dance tunes. Put up all kinds of decorations and serve refreshments. Ask seniors to dress up in their sunday best. Seniors will enjoy dancing with new friends and reminisce of dances in the past. President's Day-Give some history and have fun with this ideal time for Presidential trivia!
MONTHLY BIG FUN IDEA-WILD WEST NIGHT-Tell seniors and staff to get on their cowboy clothes. Have some country-western entertainment provided. Bring
is some bales of hay and old saddles. Most of all have a hoot of a good time!

MARCH FLOWER-Jonquil or Daffodil
EVENTS THIS MONTH-Hug Day-Let's get hugs, it just makes you feel good! Give everyone a heart made out of construction paper at breakfast. Have them get hugs and every time they do get that person's signature on their heart. At lunchtime the one with the most signatures gets a prize! First Day of Spring-Hold a spring social. Decorate with plenty of flowers, enjoy refreshments and have someone come and play the piano for the seniors. St. Patrick's Day-Have a party! Irish tunes, green food and drink and shamrocks all around. Have Fun!
MONTHLY BIG FUN IDEA-CASINO NIGHT-Have volunteers or staff come in to help with this. Play all of the classic games. Poker, blackjack, etc. You may be able to rent special tables in your area. Provide snacks and refreshments. Give out play money and at the end of the night residents can bid for prizes.

COLORS-Yellow & Red
EVENTS THIS MONTH-Easter-Big Buffet with ham and all of the trimmings. Invite all of the friends and family and hold an easter egg hunt for the kids. The hunt could be indoors or out depending on the weather. Give out some easter baskets.
MONTHLY BIG FUN IDEA-50'S DINNER-Lots of 50's decorations and 50's music. Serve hamburgers, hotdogs, potato chips and ice cream sundaes. Ask the staff to wear poodle skirts.

MAY FLOWER-Lily of The Valley
COLORS-Yellow & Red
EVENTS THIS MONTH-May Day-Make may day baskets to keep or give away.Mother's Day-Hold an elegant brunch for all of the mothers and their families. Memorial Day-Discuss the history of this day and senior's memories. Hold a special gathering for all of the veterans. Make patriotic souveniers.
MONTHLY BIG FUN IDEA-GARAGE SALE-Seniors, staff, family and friends are
asked to bring in merchandise to sell. Make flyers and put an ad in the newspaper. Seniors may want to volunteer their services. Seniors will also enjoy browsing.

COLORS-Light Blue & White
EVENTS THIS MONTH-Flag Day- Have everyone discuss why he/she loves America. Listen to Patriotic music. Make decorations: you can use these again next month for the 4th of July. Father's Day-Try having a picnic for all of the father's and their families. Have seating available both inside and out, weather permitting. Summer Begins-Backyard BBQ to kick off summer! Play outdoor games and be sure to invite friends.
MONTHLY BIG FUN IDEA-HAWAIIAN LUAU-Decorate your facility with shells, flowers, fish, etc. Play hawaiian music and serve a hawaiian meal. Have plenty of leis. You may be able to find some hula dancers in your area.

COLORS-Green & Russet
EVENTS THIS MONTH-4th of July-BBQ and entertainment. Fireworks after supper, be careful with these. Take seniors to your local parade.
MONTHLY BIG FUN IDEA-CHRISTMAS IN JULY-This is a great twist. Put up a tree, have someone dress up as Santa and give out presents. You can even sing
some Christmas Carols and have a special dinner.

COLORS-Orange & Red \
MONTHLY BIG FUN IDEA-CARNIVAL-Prepare a carnival in front of your facility. Have booths with all kinds of games and simple prizes. Provide a petting zoo and a clown or two. Sell cotton candy, popcorn and sno cones. Try to find a quartet to provide your entertainment.

EVENTS THIS MONTH-Labor Day-Hold some group discussions and have everyone take the day off from any kind of work! Practice some relaxation techniques. Grandparent'sDay-Ask all of the grandsons and granddaughters to be sure to visit today. Invite a local school group to visit those who don't have any company.Autumn Begins-Make autumn wreaths to hang outside senior's doors. Collect leaves from outside and make prints.
MONTHLY BIG FUN IDEA-FALL HARVEST FAIR-Ask seniors, staff, family and friends to bring in a sample of their harvest this year. Plants, vegetables, etc. Set up
on big tables and have seniors act as judges. Give ribbons to the winners. Maybe you could make a tasty treat when you are all done!

COLORS-White & Yellow
EVENTS THIS MONTH-Black Poetry Day-Site some works from known poets. Have seniors try to write some poetry of their own.Magic Kingdom Day-Show some of the old Walt Disney Classics.Halloween-Plan a big party with plenty of tricks and treats! Play games and give prizes for the best costumes. Have a magic show.
MONTHLY BIG FUN IDEA-OKTOBERFEST-German band, sauerkraut, sausage and strudel .German decorations and costumes. Get into the spirit!

COLORS-Dark Blue & Red
EVENTS THIS MONTH-Thanksgiving-Provide the traditional meal and invite all of the families. Decorate your facility appropriately.
MONTHLY BIG FUN IDEA-SADIE HAWKINS DAY-This is the 1st Saturday after Nov 11th. Everyone dressed up in country attire and listens to blue grass or country music. Be sure to have cider and apple dumplings. Square dancers add a great

COLORS-Indigo & Green
EVENTS THIS MONTH-Christmas-Have a big banquet for the seniors and their families. Have a day planned where everyone can help trim the tree and decorate the facility. Plan all kinds of Christmas baking and Christmas crafts. Drive around your town and look at Christmas lights. Do lots of Christmas Caroling.
facility. Seniors may want to help you make crafts to sell. You can also place an ad in the
newspaper and find several outside crafters to come in and sell items. Provide hot chocolate and cookies. Play Christmas music.

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