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Ideas for facility outings:

COUNTRY DRIVES-About an hour in length. Take a tour of various back roads in your
area where you would find a pleasant view. Stop by a fruit stand. Check for flowers, barns,old houses, etc.

PICNICS-Check out the local parks and bring a standard sack lunch. Check for wheelchair accessibility if applicable.

MUSEUMS-Take seniors on tours of some of the locals.

NURSERY-These are neat to visit whether you are buying or just gazing.

SHOPPING TRIPS-Go to various dept. stores to buy or just browse. May want to take a
trip to the mall at Christmas time.

LIBRARY-Help seniors get their own library cards and check out some books. Be sure to
help them remember to return them.

BEACH TRIP-Or a trip to the lake. Have a picnic and take in the sights.

SCHOOLS-Grade schools, middle schools and high schools are all a great resource. Seniors may want to visit a class as guest speakers or join in on a cooking group. Trips to plays and performances are great too.

OUT FOR MEALS-Make reservations at a local restaurant and enjoy the trip out.

BOWLING ALLEY-For seniors who are still able to bowl this is a lot of fun. Even for those who don't bowl they might like to go along and watch.

CITY HALL-Take a tour of your local city hall or courthouse.



FISHING TRIP-Head out for a day of fun. Be sure to have equipment for everyone
And make a plan for lunch.

CAPITOL BUILDING-Seniors will enjoy a tour of your state capitol.

ZOO-If you have one in your area, check it out and see if it might be feasible to take a visit there.

LOCAL PLAYS/CONCERTS-Be sure to plan in advance and get tickets early.

TRAIN RIDE-Take a ride to a different town and have lunch or dinner.

PARADES-Bring chairs and plenty of refreshments.

ANIMAL SHELTER-You may be able to take a tour of your local animal shelter and visit with the animals.



SPORTS GAMES-At a local grade school or park.

CIRCUS-When one comes to your area try making it an outing.


GARAGE SALES-Seniors will probably get tired quickly but will have a good time.

COVERED BRIDGE-Some are still around, find out if there are any in your area.

SENIOR CENTER-Great place to meet new friends and partake in many activities.

LOCAL SITES OF INTEREST-Your Chamber of Commerce or visitor's center is a great
resource of information. They have brochures of the local recreation and can often answer many of your questions.

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